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Our promise at Sunrise Real
Estate Investments (REI) is to offer fair solutions to troubled homeowners.
 Whether a family faces foreclosure, a death in the family or divorce, is
forced to move, or simply wants a new home sooner than later we offer creative
solutions to these problems.  We also offer to look at abandoned and run
down homes in order to completely renovate them and put families in otherwise
uninhabitable homes and at the same time raise property values of
neighborhoods.  At Sunrise REI we not only look for investments for a
brighter future, we also look to build relationships.  That is why we
offer a commission for any leads brought to us and that we close on.  We
offer a variety of solutions to the many needs of our clients.Call now at 832 844 1763.


Whatever You Are Facing,  We Can Help.

Stop Forclosure

If the stress of a foreclosure, bills, or taxes is becoming unbearable, we can offer cash and a quick close to stop the foreclosure process.


In life many people may need to relocate for a few reasons; work related, be closer to family, or any other reason.  When this occurs, we can help.

Death & Divorce

In cases of divorce or the death of a loved one, taking on the responsibilities of an additional home  is simply not possible nor practical.

Upsizing / Downsizing

Regardless of your house growing or shrinking, we can help buy your home, without an agent, saving you thousands in commissions.

How Sunrise REI Can Help

Fast Closing and Money in a Few Days

We here at Sunrise REI understand that whether a person is facing foreclosure, relocating, or any of the above mentioned issues time may be of the essence.  We will work quickly with you and our investors to get you the money you deserve fast, usually within 48 hrs to 10 days.


For certain situations it may not be realistic to get the money one is asking for their home.  This doesn’t mean you are out of options.  We can usually get you a lump sum of money, but we will continue to pay your mortgage once you move from the property and we can put a new qualified family into your home.

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