There are 4 types of people.

Type 1 are people who must be right.

Type 2 are people who must be comfortable.

Type 3 are people who must be liked.

Type 4 are people who want to win.


Have you ever asked yourself what type of person you are?


If you are type 1, it’s hard to do business with others, as your mind is too set. You don’t want to take others advise. You are too stubborn to work with.


If you belong to type 2. You are also not the type to have your own business. Because having a business is not a comfortable thing, it needs your commitment, lots of hard work, and failures and learning from mistakes and doing it again.


If you belong to type 3, you are also not a business type people. Running a business doesn’t need you to please all, you will also not be liked by all.


If you belong to type 4, then congratulations, you are the business type. You like to challenge yourself, to compete, and you always try to win. Nothing can easily beat you down. You have a strong character and you know what you want. This must win type is the best type for having their own business.


Let’s analyze the Type 4 people who want to win and must win. To be a winner, they must have the following characteristics. Maybe you have some of these.


They like to control situations and don’t like to be controlled by others rules. So for them, it’s hard to work in any one else’s company, and they don’t ant to be controlled by time or rules because they like to make the rules.


Winning types of people also have imagination and ideas. They have ideas in business and they are creative in many ways. They create systems, build up a team, they think in an unbounded way to do the creative things others may not have ever done.


They have more guts and less fear, they are born to be a fighter and a winner. Business is an adventure that is full of unexpected problems and dangers.


They are decision makers. Making decision takes lots of confidence, predictions, experience and instincts. Wining types of people have that.


They are doers. They don’t just talk, they do things, get it started, and make it done because they have the guts and energy. They like to see the outcomes.


They always keep learning and are willing to challenge themselves. They keep growing while others get stuck somewhere and waste time in meaningless things.  They learn whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They learn from their mistakes.


They have patience and they don’t quit easily.

They set up goals and they go for it.

They are dedicated and they work harder and smarter.

They think big and dream big.

They choose their advisors carefully.

They don’t watch too much TV and they are good at time management.

They look at the global news not just local.


What type of person are you?


Author: Landy Li


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