Did you make New Year’s goals and plans? If you did, congratulations! Now here are 5 secrets to keep your goal going!  If you did not make the goal yet, maybe it is the time you think about it and make your goal right now, as 2017 has just started! Then find out the secrets to keep it going!

Maybe this sounds familiar, some people make their New Year’s goal and then it’s even not march yet and their goals and plans have already been forgotten. Then by the end of the year, they don’t feel very productive, or even helpless and frustrated.  Just like lots of people buy gym cards in January, but there are surveys that show nearly 70% of people stop going to gym in June, July, or even earlier. What happened to these people? Why can’t they stick to their goals and plans? What are their obstacles?
I am going to share 5 secrets with you today and they will help you to keep your goals going!


No.1 Make sure you are hungry for your goal!


Goals don’t need to be realistic, dream big and think big for it. You think your dream any way, why not make it big? Don’t limit your mind and dream small. Goals are the reflection of your deepest desire. You must have the strong desire for it and you must be hungry for it! If the desire and hunger are not intense enough, the goal will be hard to keep!

No.2 Write your goals down and review it!


That’s the easy thing to do. Don’t just think it in your brain. Write it down on paper, your goals, your plans, and review it every day!!! Put your goals on a vision board! Find pictures to help you visualize your goals. Stick your vision board on your wall so you can see it everyday!!! Write your goals and plans down, and divide them to every season so you have a focus for each season and do all things you have to do to reach your yearly goal!!!  Review them every week, every month, every season!!! If you can make it through the first 3 months. You are actually half way there as it takes up to 3 months build up your routines and habits.


No.3 Get focused


Focus takes mental power because many people read less and their minds get distracted easily by smart phones, social media, etc. It’s time to get focused again. Don’t let massive amounts of information distract your brain from things which do not matter to your goals. We need to build up the habit of “pulling the trigger” in our mind by asking yourself ‘where is my mind right now, am I focusing on the things that have nothing to do with my goals?’ By asking yourself these questions your brain will set your focus back to the things that matter.


No.4 Keep your momentum


Laziness is human nature. You can’t rest for too long. People always say that after holiday, you need another holiday. Once your loose your mind for too long it’s hard to find the track back. Keep your daily momentum going. Try to set your mind right every morning by reading useful books, watching videos, or listening audios. Write down your daily plans and review your yearly goals and seasonal goals.  Of course you don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Take a daily break by your ideal way to rest or “charging your energy.” Surely you have a weekly rest day. A good rest day will allow you to get after it day after day.


No.5 Don’t give up


Give yourself some time to reach your goal. Nothing happens over night. Be patient and persistent. Never give up. If things don’t go right, change it. Be flexible in situations. If you don’t know something or you are not good at something, ask yourself how to get to know it better and how can I be good at it? Never think negatively by asking yourself why I didn’t make it, then surely you will find those negative reasons like, ‘I am not this type of person’ or ‘I am not smart.’ Be positive! Kill those negativities! And don’t give up and never give up!



By using these 5 simple strategies you should be able to accomplish almost any goal.  Don’t only start 2017 off right, but finish strong by being hungry, writing and reviewing your goals, staying focused, keeping your momentum, and most importantly never giving up on yourself or your goal.  Make 2017 your best year yet!


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