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Owning a home is most people’s dream.  Unfortunately, life has a way of getting the best of us sometimes.  If the stress of a foreclosure, bills, or taxes is becoming unbearable, we can offer cash and a quick close to stop the foreclosure process, or give you the opportunity to save your credit, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in future deposits. This will allow you to purchase a home when life gets back on track.  When time is of the esscesnce Sunrise REI can offer a quick decsion, about two days, and a fast close, usually within a week.

When there a moments that is seems the world is moving fast, we can move faster to help families in need. Sometimes, though, the purchase of the home is not feasible.

When this occurs we may be able to offer to acquire a home through a “subject-to” agreement. One way this strategy can work is to offer the home-owners a cash price for moving and/or to help catch up the payments due on the home, in return for the home.  This can sometimes be the best solution to save a person’s credit and reputation.  Call us today to find which could work best for you.


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