What makes people poor or rich? “Being rich a bad thing.” Since when? When some kids talk about wanting to be rich, they sometimes get criticized by others, “No, being rich is a bad thing. Rich people are bad people. Money is evil.”  Money is evil only when people chase money in an evil way. Money is good, as money can buy your life’s needs, money can save lives, money can help you to travel around the world and expand your horizons, etc.


We always see people live a poor life in one part of town, and some live a rich life in the other parts of town. I’m not judging here or saying poor people are bad people but what causes them poor? Being poor is sad to me.


When you ask most people, what you want in life? I believe most answers are “I just want to be happy,” and also most parents say, “I just want my kids to be happy.” I do think that to be happy is a very rough concept. What is happiness? Can a person be happy all day? Happiness only exists when you have experienced disappointment and unhappiness. Will you be happy when you don’t have the money to pay your bills? Will you be happy when your house is taken? Will you still be happy when you couldn’t afford a meal and are starving? I don’t think so. So money is very important. I think for most people, they don’t even think about being rich. They feel it’s way too far from what their status, maybe they just want to survive . Make some money to feed themselves and their family, pay for the rent and car, and maybe take a short trip here and there as a luxury. They don’t know how to make more money they only know how to survive. They maybe worry about one day getting injured, not being able to go to work, and their income not coming in, but most people don’t even want to think about it.


People are so comfortable with what they have now. Lots of people are leaving the middle class and stepping toward the lower class without realizing it. Comfort kills progress.


What really causes people to be rich or poor? I believe it’s all about their minds.


The Poor mind complains instead of trying to change the situation.

The Rich mind focuses on solutions instead of complaining.


The Poor mind just talks without action.

The Rich mind does things for real, instead of talking.


The Poor mind only looks at the small picture and think that’s what life is all about.

The Rich mind looks at the big picture, take themselves out of the small picture and look at what could be.


The Poor mind thinks they know everything.

The Rich mind knows the more they learn, the more they realize that they don’t know.


The Poor mind focuses on the things that don’t matter to their life or their life goals.

The Rich mind focuses on things matter to their life and their goals/purpose.


The Poor mind watches TV shows, sports, or browse web too much.

The Rich mind tries not to watch more TV and spend much time on web, unless it’s for their purpose, like studying or networking.


The Poor mind doesn’t have daily goals and plans. They always say I am busy and I don’t have time.

The Rich mind has daily goals and plans, and try to achieve them.


The Poor mind likes to buy lottery and dream one day they can be so lucky.

The Rich mind doesn’t or barely buys any lottery, they know luck comes from working hard and smart.


The Poor mind focus on jobs and paychecks, they focus on how much they get paid per hour and how to raise their salary. Some even try to take advantage of anything free or support from government.

The Rich mind focuses on their own business, they focus on growing their business, they don’t have paychecks they offer paychecks.


The Poor mind doesn’t read or just read magazines, newspapers or easy read books which doesn’t help them to grow.

The Rich mind reads, and they carefully choose what they read, as they know their best asset is their brains. So, they need good nutrients for their brain and they read books which are related to their growth, personally and business wise.


The Poor mind teaches their kids to have a good job in the future.

The Rich mind teaches their kids to own their own business in the future.


The Poor mind likes to hangout with poor minded people, their topics are more likely; where are the sales for shopping or complaining about their job, boss, etc.

The Rich mind likes to hangout with rich minded people, their topics are business opportunities and self-improvements. They try to lift each other up and go for the big goals.


The Poor mind thinks small and dream small.

The Rich mind thinks big and dream big.


There are more differences in thinking between the rich mind and the poor mind.

If you want to be rich or let’s say be financially free, the first thing is looking at your mind right now, what is in it? Do you have more rich mind thinking or more poor thinking? There is no way a poor mind can be rich and last as long. The lottery winners who have a poor mind will fail soon, unless he builds up his rich mind. If you want to be rich and start building up, you need to shift your mind. You need to delete the poor mind thinking, and put rich mind thinking there. It wont happen in one day. It takes time, it depends on what you read, what you watch, and who you hangout with.


This article may make you feel uncomfortable because the truth and facts hurt. But it’s never too late. Realize it, face it, and change it. Only you can change yourself. You are the only one controls your mind and your life.


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12.16 2016 Landy Li


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