This is the first article I am writing for my blog on the sunriseREI.com. I am thinking about what type of article you would like to read on the blog. This topic came through my mind.

What dose it take to start your own business?

Let me start by telling you some of my stories. When I was 22, after graduating from college, I worked for a travel agency for years as a free lance English speaking tour guide. That was actually my dream to be a tour guide, and I made it. No body directed me to any career path or direction I should go. I didn’t have a mentor who would tell me “You should build up your own business.” Not all parents have business oriented mind. I was lucky enough to have the parents who always supported me to do what I loved and allowed me to progress in my career. After working as a self-employed tour guide for years, one day there was a woman who was running her own travel agency and she interviewed me, really liked me and said you are still so young and you have a bright view, I believe you will do very well in the future. She gave me some discount card for booking tours and said if “I get a booking from the number on those cards I give you, you will get 10% commission.” I thought it’s a good way to make extra money, and at that moment, it changed my mind. That was a winter evening in Shanghai , I went to a party in a pub. When I saw a lady I knew, I walked to her and she introduced me to her husband. After some chatting I took out the discount card and gave it to this couple, and talking about the discount when they book the tours. The husband got the card, he looked at both side, and asked me, is this your business? I said, no it’s not mine. He said how much you get if I book a tour? I was honest and answered him, 10%. He said , oh, why don’t you do this business and get all the profit ? His words made me think for a long time. Later on , I started to know this man as an American business man. He was doing pretty well.  From that evening, I started to think of building up my own travel agency. I designed tour programs, a name, found pros to build up my website and designed my name card and started to do my marketing. I got tour bookings from web searching. I started to tailor make tour programs and hired guides and drivers. I still worked as tour guide sometimes if I want to. This is Robert Kiyosaki’s S quadrants. S stands for self-employed and small business owners.

So what does it take to start a business? I think the first thing is your mind. You need to jump out of the traditional mindset of having a job, getting salary, working for someone and getting paid. To the mind set of working for yourself. Most people are always looking for jobs. They need to get the paycheck every month, they spend 8-10 hours a day, work for their boss and get paid by the hours. That’s also what school and most families teach their kids. This is also what I got taught in school and from my family. Find a stable and good job, get good payment, and get your retirement account. When I was telling my friends, I am doing my own business. They were still nervously asking me, what about when you are 60 years old, who’s gonna pay you? I said “I am young, I am only in my early 20s. I don’t want to think about how is my retired life in my 60s is gonna be. I just want to do what I love to and what I enjoy.” And, I got better income by what I was doing. I travelled around and made money by each contract. I didn’t work for hours but I did work a lot, even worked late. But I loved to do that, and I did enjoy it so much as I did every thing for my own business. This is the No.1 thing, mind your own business. When you work for someone else, you are minding someone else’s business.

Before you start your business, just ask yourself, where is your mind now and what is your mindset? If you have the right business mindset. Congratulations. That’s the step 1. Then you move on from there.

Landy Li

12.5 2016


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